22 brilantes tutoriales de como hacer poster de peliculas

aqui veremos una increible coleecion de tutoriales para aprender photoshop  , para relizar poster de pelicules

1. Your Own Crazy Movie Poster


3. Create an Intense Movie Poster in Photoshop

4. How To Create A Movie Quality DVD Cover

5. “John Rambo” Movie-Poster


6. Lord Of The Rings Poster


7. Create Classic Horror Movie Poster – Laura’s Counterplay

8. How to Create an Intense Aerial Action Movie Poster in Photoshop


9. Create A Powerball Effect For Movie Poster


10. Create sci-fi poster art

11. Last House On The Left

12. Wanted Poster

13. Indiana Jones Poster


14. Create a Dark and Surreal Poster Using Your Own Portrait


15. Create an Awesome 3D Anaglyph Poster


16. How to Design a Vintage Horror Movie Poster in Photoshop


17. X-Men movie poster


18. Sin City Style


19. How To Make An Awesome Movie Poster


20. Blend Photos Like A Hollywood Movie Poster In Photoshop


21. War Movie Poster


22. A Little Bit Dirty: Brilliant Grunge Design Tutorials